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Lexington Ky Dentist Dr Thomas Larkin was founded by Dr. Thomas Larkin, clinician, author, professor, and speaker. Having recognized that the endless repair cycle of the average dental practice is very discouraging both to the clinician and to the patient, Dr. Larkin feels as if it is an opportune time to look at a more progressive approach to prevention. Utilizing a multitude of new technologies and research, these new approaches are significantly impacting the cost of healthcare delivery and overall health outcomes. Bringing together like minded preventive oriented health care providers and extensive online educational resources for patients has created the catalyst for change. Dr. Larkin predicts that "Integrating the medical profession with dentistry will significantly affect the long term outcomes of our patients both clinically and financially. We are now beginning to see the results on a daily basis".


Lexington Ky Dentist Full Service Dentistry

We are full service traditional family dental practices... with a twist. We do implants,crowns,orthodontics,cosmetic dentistry and all the cool stuff. But after reviewing volumes of the current research about oral disease and how it affects the entire body, we have decided a new innovative approach was in order. We have spent hundreds of hours on design and training and enlisted the services of a former dental professor to be our clinical director and help us design and implement this program.Our entire focus will now be preventing oral disease instead of the repeated treatments from the consequences of disease.This is a serious commitment to our patients overall health. We call it Personalized Total Health Dental Care.


Our Approach

Lexington Ky Dentist Learning Lab

It begins with our young patients. Our hands-on Learning Lab engages and educates our young patients like never before. Kids enjoy the new approach to learning about oral health, nutrition, and establishing positive health goals. They LOVE and look forward to their visits to the dentist.

Our Adult Oral Systemic program is a must for any patient with Diabetes or Cardiovascular Disease or those who are at risk of any inflammatory disease. For the first time in many patients lives ,they now have hope that they can break the endless cycle of deterioration and repair that so many have experienced in their dental lives.

We offer several consulting options via skype, one of the first attempts to incorporate telemedicine into the Lexington Ky dental market.



Setting the Standard for Advanced Preventive Dentistry and Integrated Medicine


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