Risk Assessment Testing

The most important part of our advanced prevention protocol involves bacterial testing. Without knowing where we are starting in the evaluation of an infection, how can we possibly navigate to where we want to go. Dentistry has been very slow to adapt these protocols but the technology now is so simple and the research evidence so overwhelming, it can no longer be ignored. All of our testing is quick, painless, and most involve getting a spit or bio film sample.The most basic bacterial slide sample which really begins the disease conversation is so important that we include it in all of our exams. The more sophisticated genetic testing runs in the neighborhood of $200 and we employ it only when we need more advanced information. 

One of the most dramatic differences in our approach is that contrary to standard of presenting you with a large and expensive  "treatment plan" at the conclusion of your first appointment , you may be advised to DELAY elective treatment such as Cosmetic Dentistry, Orthodontics, and Implants until bacterial risk levels can be decreased. The aim is to protect your long term health and your pocketbook. Our interest is in long term , relationship based, comprehensive care.

For Dental Decay

In addition to the normal x-rays and photos we might take at an initial exam appointment,we perform tests to examine disease indicators and risk factors such as:

  • Decay history
  • Current decay
  • Current bacterial profiles
  • Eating habits
  • Medications
  • Salivary flow
  • Oral hygiene habits

Cariscreen Bacterial testing

Quantitative Light Induced Fluorescence

Oral Salivary Function

For Gum Disease

Phase Contrast Microscopy

Oral DNA Testing

Periopath Risk Assessment