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Biofilm Sample - Health vs Disease


Biofilm Sample - Amoeba


Biofilm Sample - Spirochetes


Biofilm Sample - Trichomonads


The Wrong Dental Conversation


Arterial Health


Heart Attacks and Inflammation


Cleveland HeartLab Inflammatory Biomarkers


Cleveland HeartLab Advanced Prevention


Oral Infection As Wound Care


Rethink Your Drink


Periodontal Treatment Animation


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History of Anti Infective Treatment

Ditch the Floss!  -  IDBs

Oral Infection As A Wound

Periodontal Disease

Bleeding Gums

Swollen Gums

Gum Infection

Causes of Gum Disease

Treatment of Gum Disease

Symptoms of Gum Disease


Tongue Scraping


Baking Soda and Peroxide



Antiseptic Delivery Systems